05 October 2010

The Princess and the Flood

So while I was peacefully apartment sitting with my friends and LG (more to come on LG) disaster struck at the Towerhouse. I flood occurred in my room taking out my ceiling, mattress, and like 2 sweaters. Unbelievable! I leave for one week and the house falls apart....obviously we know who runs my household!

Anyways, it took a week for my Mom to get it together and get me a new setup. I would have taken matters into my own hands but I'm busy slaving away from 9-7. (whatever happened to 9-5 like I was promised in kindergarten?!) Well people, let me tell you, the wait and sleeping on the couch was worth it!

I finally got my tempurpedic mattress I have been waiting for and Barbie sheets! Now all I need is the perfect bedtime story...

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