17 February 2010

When Miserable Things Happen To Fabulous People

I know you have had one of those days...the ones where everything possible goes wrong. Well that would be the past 24 hours for me. Last night I demolished my phone, split my finger nail in half, and had my car blocked by some heinous car with flowers painted on it.

RIP  Pinkness (yes, I named my phone Pinkness)

My nonexistent nail (not only is it tragic that I don't have a good manicure readily available but I have permanent oil paint stains all over my hands)

Honestly, it was the worst school day this semester! But seriously though, who would ever park their car directly behind another persons car when it is obvious the other person is going to have issues getting out. That is so rude and whatever, the flowers were painted on poorly, I could have done a better job. Apple - phones should not randomly turn off and never turn back on. It provokes people to throw their phones and break nails thereby causing the night to end bloody and full of tears. I basically had to resort to smoke signals to get in contact with my parents who were casually lounging on the beach.

On that note, thank you Mom and Dad for helping me with the phone situation and for not getting too angry with me! (ps I named my new phone pinkness2) and Holly for helping me direct my car out of the most ridiculous situation possible and going with me to the at&t store. I hope everyone else had a fabulous day though!

photo credit: ME!


  1. Hope things get better soon! I've been having a ridiculous week too if it makes you feel better, work messed up my taxes, credit card info was stolen, got stuck in a snowbank ughh. Things have to turn up for us right?!

  2. You poor thing! I hope tomorrow is better.

  3. awww honey!!! this is really weird, but i had a shit day yesterday too - it must be a sparkley alanna thing :( your day definitely manifested itself more physically, though . . . i hope it gets better, and consider maybe it was God testing you so He can give you some kickass awesome reward? that's what i always tell myself bahaha...

  4. you poor thing!! it must be an alanna thing cause i had a crap day yesterday as well...i think i'm about 12 hours ahead of you right now, so rest assured, today is much better :)

  5. awww you poor thing!! i think yesterday was a bad day for alannas altogether, cause mine sucked too. i think i'm 12 hours ahead of you currently, though, so rest assured that today will be better!

  6. you march yourself into the nearest apple store, put on a flirty smile for the first male employee you see and politely ask for a new phone! Cute works wonders! Haha 'smoke signals', you crack me up! :)

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  8. patricia Brea24 February, 2010

    Seriously that sad, y must such thing happen to good people????


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