19 February 2010

valentino: the last emperor

as you know i love fashion and am addicted to anything involving it. i happened to buy valentino: the last emperor a little while ago (like 3 weeks) and just had the chance to watch it. it is a must see! if you love fashion or want to learn a little bit about it then i highly recommend it!

my favorite parts usually include the 5 little puppies he has or the little arguments that him and his partner have!

and i must admit that i cried at the end...

photo credits: shadow cabaret and here


  1. OMG This is George and my favorite! I'm glad you finally watched. Amazing!!

  2. i cried at the end too! It makes me want to move my career to Italy and work fashion there.

  3. This movie was great...at first it was hard for me to understand him. I cried too! xx


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