11 February 2010

over the top

sooo i am so excited to tell everyone that i finally got a blog award (from alanna...super nice and has a great blog, you should def check her out! not only is her name alanna, but she also has sparkles in her name...must be an alanna thing). so i would like to say a special thanks to alanna for giving it to me! it made my week for sure and it's nice to know that someone actually reads what i write!


so i am going to nominate 6 blogs that i read all the time and are fantastic an just as over the top as me and alanna!!

1. c blog

2. one classy gal

3. mermaid in madras

4. tartan and toile

5. get it girl style

6. privilege

happy blogging and be sure to check them out!!


  1. THank you so much for the OTP Award! :) You made my day!

  2. Aww, I'm first! I'm touched! :) I would nominate you, but I don't know how? Haha

    Love you


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