01 February 2010

grandmas, dogs and rainbows

happiness book part 2:

as i've mentioned before i have an obsession with buying books based on covers. well i've finally decided to actually do this book from start to finish and i'm now on the 2nd page (i got it in january...)

"there are certain unspoken associations of happiness: cookie-baking grandmas, faithful childhood dogs, a sky full of rainbows. But just because lots if people loves something doesn't mean it's wrong for you to love it too. pick your favorite happy cliche and write about it."

my happy cliche is when you find the perfect dress. there is nothing better then when you search day after day looking for a dress that you have in your head and finally find it. there are billions of sub par dresses you find and then you find a couple of potentials that you put on hold because you are desperate to find a dress and then you find the one. it's like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders and you can finally relax. that obsession you had with finding the dress night after night is miraculously gone and you can finally go to sleep. the only problem is affording it...

obviously there are like a million things that make me happy but this is the happy cliche that first came to mind. (i just thought of about a million better ones that make me seem less superficial but whatever. think what you want!)

photo credit: rodney smith


  1. bahaha i do the same thing with books! all of my books have gorgeous brightly colored covers, and (this is really stupid) when i go to the library on teh ship, i only read books that haven't been opened before - no creases, no nothing. it's stupid because obviously a well loved book is probably a *good* book, but i'm superficial :)

    i also totally feel you about the dress shopping, except i usually end up buying all those second rate dresses, too...

  2. so funny! i do the same thing with books - i won't pick ones from the library that have creased spines (which is dumb, given it means a bunch of people probably read them and they're awesome) and i loooove finding the perfect dress! the problem is i usually buy all of the 'maybe' dresses, too :p


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