28 June 2009

so much to do, so little time

i'm about to start my latest adventure. Paris. i've been waiting to leave for what seems like years and now that i'm about to go i feel like it is not going to happen. maybe this is all a sick joke or something. what if everything goes wrong?? i guess i'll just have to wing it...kind of unnerving right? whatever, it will all fall together. (i hope!!)

regardles of these feelings i get i have been frantically trying to get my act together. i would have to say that the worst part of the preparation is the packing. not only do i feel like i have nothing to wear (which is rediculous because i have enough to dress a mini country) but i can't find my wayfarers, which happen to be a summer staple of mine. i have had them for what feels like forever, but in reality is like 10 years. i have gone through about 11 pairs during the past decade...kind of pathetic right? well actually my dad, sister, mom and other family members (oliver, nick and grace) all happen to "borrow" (steal) them. so once again, i will have to go without my summer staple. i don't even know how i'm going to accessorize my outfits now. wish me luck!

see you in paris darlings

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