23 June 2009

loving: literature

as we all know i'm an avid reader. nothing is more relaxing to me then opening a new book or going to a bookstore. to me there is no better escape. one of my favorite book stores in the whole world is the strand. while most people associate the strand with the astor place scene, i associate it with my childhood. it's such a low key bookstore and it is impossible leave without buying a book.

anyways, i find myself in a dilemma. you see i look at books as people do with movies. something that should not be taken too seriously. to give you an idea, during my college interview the interviewer asked "what is your favorite book" my response? "well you see i happen to love confessions of a shopoholic" (luckily she was a big fan as well) back to the dilemma: i can't find any books that interest me anymore. i feel like i have read all of the different books that i would like. i have stepped out into different genres and have yet to fall in love with a new book. any suggestions?

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