21 June 2009

Fathers Day and Silver Jubilee

long time no speak, right?? well things have been really busy on my end and i find myself thinking of great things to blog about, yet i don't have the time to. today i woke up with the burning need to make some time to post. today is obviously father's day (the last several minutes or so) soo HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY. too bad he doesn't have the link to this blog. oops. (my dad is the one on the right side...yes, my dad and his friends do dress like this in real life) anyways, we had a rather interesting father's day. went shopping at bergdorfs, looked at our new apartment and went to Father Jim's Silver Jubilee (the 25th anniversary of being a priest). Father Jim is the man. He is probably the coolest priest ever. We go to Our Lady of Lebanon in Brooklyn on occasion and I love going there because all the priests are so nice (imagine like 10 old Lebanese men). So I also would like to congratulate Father Jim on this huge accomplishment. 

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