24 June 2009

eavesdropping not so anonymous

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eavesdrop (v): to listen secretly to a private conversation.

i have a horrible habit. you see i absolutely love to eavesdrop. i can't help it! i love knowing what is going on around me and who doesn't love to hear what other people are doing or thinking?? maybe i'm just beyond nosey, whatever. anyways, as seen above in order to properly eavesdrop one must listen secretly. SECRETLY. i have yet to master this art. i can't help but laugh if someone says something particularly witty. i just am not capable of holding in laughter.

i bring up this point because i'm am sure that all city dwellers can relate to this. i mean who doesn't listen to what people have to say in the elevator. i personally am a fan of the train. my favorite conversation occurred last year when 2 men were sitting across from me. they were discussing those horribly awkward company outings where people feel obliged to go. as they were complaining of the endless family golf outings and polo matches the next event came up. they were going to go fishing. now you see, this wouldn't seem to be a particularly funny conversation except i go on these miserable trips every year with my dad's company. every year we all get roped into fishing. not only do i have the urge to drink myself silly, but EVERY SINGLE YEAR people get seasick or a storm hits. to make matters even worse, i never catch anything. so it was easy for me to relate to the man when he said (in a highly sarcastic voice) " i mean what are we going to do? sit around and pretend to have fun and when you actually catch something you go 'oooh look guys i caught a minnow". i could not stop laughing. i totally got caught. mortifying. oops! at least the rest of the train i was included.

happy eavesdropping loves

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