25 May 2009

Have You Ever Gone On A Spontaneous Drive?

Well I have. You know when you have just one of those days. You sit in bed and do nothing all day and then at around 5 you think "Hey, what am I going to for the rest of the day?" Well, that was my day yesterday. I suppose I have been having writers block for my blog and was trying to think of something to do so I had something to say on my blog. Well, I ended up doing absolutely nothing. My friends Cait and Kevin and I went for an hour long drive to nowhere. We just got in the car after dinner, got on a road and kept driving on it. We had no idea where we were going. There was no point to our drive and you know what? It was probably the most fun we had in awhile.

There was nothing to it. We talked about nonsense and listened to some music. There was no pressure to go out and see people or come up with a plan, we were just living in the moment. I just wish that I got a picture of us. I also wish that I had a scarf in my hair with oversize sunglasses...we were in a convertible so of course that would be our look!

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