30 May 2009

it's a beautiful morningggg

rise and shine! i've actually been up for awhile now. 7:03 to be exact. regardless, i have just now found the time to get to a computer. i've been sitting in my bed all day doing absolutely nothing. glorious! i have to rest up because tomorrow i'm working a fashion show in the hamptons. i'm not really looking forward to this but whatever. as you all know i'm interning for the children's couture company bonnie young. i seriously wish that i could have more then half of these clothes!!! kids are growing up so fast today (at least it feels like to me).

anyways, today it is absolutely amazing outside. i wish that i could motivate myself to go outside. i guess it doesn't feel like summer to me right now. i think my friend's are going to force me. i'll pot something more interesting later. i'm sure i'll have stories to say tomorrow.


ps the picture is of me, my sister, and brother!

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