05 May 2009


sorry i have not posted in awhile, the internet has been down at my house since friday AND finals have been going on so it's even more frustrating. what a bad time to lose internet. however, i do find it totally ironic that right after i make a post about how i don't need the internet i lose it. whatever. i'm fine...my school work not so much!

i'll write a more interesting post after the finals madness has ended. if you have finals too and are reading this GOOD LUCK! i hope your creative energy is not diminishing as quickly as mine is.

on that note, maybe you guys can help me with ideas because i am out of them. for one of my classes i have to make a video answering the question " what, if anything, is better about "real interaction" vs. "virtual interaction"? (it can be anything...political, social, psychological...anything really)

i was thinking of maybe doing something with fashion and show real life fashion shows, secondlife fashion shows, vitual shopping vs real, style icons in both worlds, but i'm not really sure if that is what my teacher is going for.

another idea i had was to talk about real and virtual interactions socially and make a video about support from each, how you meet people, and things along those lines.

i feel kind of weird about asking for help with this but whatever, getting some feedback/other ideas would be wonderful and i will gladly help you with your work!!!

bye darlings

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