31 March 2009


Have you ever been in a job you hated? I have been. I worked for a small company and found myself (an intern) doing all the stupid little errands that no one else wanted to do. Tasks would include going from uptown to downtown to chinatown to the bronx...keep in mind that I am carrying about 20 lbs of fabric. As I would pound the sidewalks of Manhattan in my black patent leather platforms all I could think of was what if I quit right now? I would come up with different instances. My favorite being me storming into the office (in some really envy worthy outfit) listing off all the awesome contacts I have and how I am going to crush her business. Never happened, never will. I actually enjoyed working for them.

fast forward to now.

The people that I am living with (seniors) are on power trips. I can't wait for all but 3 of them to graduate. Seriously. I happen to have a flip (super cool highly recommend it) so I dream of telling them to do stupid things when they are drunk, film it, post it on youtube, and send it to the whole house via email. I also love the idea of pouring warm apple juice on them while they are sleeping so they think they peed themselves in their drunken sleep. Something my roommates talked me out of doing was putting all the water and soda that was in our leftover cups into a pitcher and then leave it on the counter. They would drink it. Idiots. I wish that I didn't have a conscience and believe in karma!

Am i the only one who thinks of doing things like this when angry? Do you? Maybe i'm just filled with anger...


  1. Wow that is horrible I hope that you can somehow find joy in it :)

  2. We got a Flip for Christmas, and I LOVE it... so cool!


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