30 March 2009

A Beginning

SO why start a blog? Why not? I mean yea sure people have preconceived notions about bloggers but whatever. When I first started blogging in my digital arts and media class I thought of ugly pimply teenagers who had nothing better to do than whine to others over emotional friends. I have learned better...or maybe I have seen all the different types of blogs out there (fashion anyone??). Other possibilities may include me reverting back to an overly emotional, ugly pimply teenager. Anyway, after seeing all the different blogs out there I thought "hey, why not start my own blog for fun?". So here I am - writing my first "real" blog post...


...who would have thought that one might have thought blogging was hard. I for one did not! I mean it's just writing write? Yea, writing that all of my friends who care enough to read my crazy thoughts are going to see...keep in mind the randos who I don't know and will be even more harsh in judgments. No pressure. Actually, there is a lot of pressure. I don't want to sound stupid on my first post. I mean I feel like that is the most important one right? When someone clicks on your page there is only one post...only one impression to make. If you arn't interesting enough, then no one is going to read your blog. I mean I know I skip over all the boring ones, so of course other people are. I mean my blog looks so professional... the internet has a way of doing that I guess. So I asked DFM (my roommate) for advice and she had no idea. Sweet. So now here I am writing about nothing just to get my first post over with so I can start my blogging adventure. I hope you weren't too bored by my drab first post.

Be back soon darlings!

PS - for all you randos...
Keep tuning in, I promise to be entertaining and I love randos... I mean who doesn't?! And for all of those people bored with my frustrations...I promise it will get interesting.

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